On Which Operating System Do Games run best?

Is it possible to compare some games that run on both Windows and Linux, to see if there is a huge difference there at all (if there isn't it's a even better reason to leave those Windoze behind ;)

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  1. If you can find the Linux "version" of a game, then it will run and look just about the exact same as the windowz version. If you're pulling 85fps under windows, you'll pull about 84fps under Linux.

    But if you run WineX, then it a different matter completely.

    I like NT for gaming. But Winme or 98 are easier on the hardware, if you are trying to push the specs a little. If you are processor locked (like a Ti4600 using a celeron 733), then NT will net you some extra fps on the first person shooters. So if you pull 30fps under ms-dos, you'll pull 36 under NT.

    Other than that, XP and 2K are so close to the exact same it's pointless to call them anything but NT5.x.

    You will need to shut off a whole slew of services and junk files under XP, to get it back to NT5.0 specs, though.

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  2. I'm dual booting Win2K and Win98SE, Win98SE is noticeably faster than Win2k with any game run so far, however Win2K has not crashed even once since I've been running it, I can't say that about Win98SE. Ryan

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  3. I triple boot, Win98, W2k, XP. They all run my games good, W2K doesn't run my UT as good as the others, but on-line I still have good games with it and don't have a problem using it. Results are so close I'll use either one of my three OS. As for crashing, they all will if my BIOS is over raved. But I sure do like how if UT does freeze in WinXP there's a good chance I can close the game and start over without a reboot. Helps me get back into those close games before it's to late. Thing is though having the BIOS raved to much, might not work on all games or all three OS. Sometimes I wonder if it's even worth tweaking my BIOS so much, considering someone on line can whip my a$$ anyways and their computer may only be half of what mine is. I choice WinXP in games, it can be a toss up with Win98, but XP also has more to offer.

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  4. Triple boot? Wow!

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  5. I agree. The boot between NT5.0 and NT5.1 is pointless, but so was your post.

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    Contributing nothing to the discussion, and giving rise to the questionability of the forum designations. Even though it's sarcasm is not lost on me, there is no excuse for spam.

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