Just got an X800 XT Plat. and having some issues

Just got my x800 XT plat yesterday. Got everything installed and started having a black screen flickering problem (ie screen would go dark for a moment then return). Seems to happen fairly randomly when I first started testing it.

So, did a clean windows install in case it was an old driver conflict. No dice. Reinstalled everything and Cat 4.6 (which came with the card) and got the same damn sporactic black screen. However, when I drop the desktop resolution (or application resolution) down to 1200x1000, the problem goes away. Tried running Farcry in 1600x1200 reso and it gives me black screen issues again- bump it back to 1200x1000 and problem goes away. I tried to install 4.5 and 4.4 cats but I can't them installed- I get an error saying that the VGA driver is not installed and the installation cannot be completed. /boggle

I am baffled as to the problem. One of the big reasons I wanted to get a fast card is that my LCD monitor (21 inch samsung)'s native reso is 1600x1200 and wanted to be able t orun stuff to best take advantage of my monitor. If anyone has any ideas, I'd appreciate it.

On the upside, ran Aquamark after a clean install and I'm scoring around 63,000 at stock speeds.
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  1. Where did you get it?

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  2. Allstarshop.com.

    Specs are as follows, if this is any help:

    PIV 3.4 Northwood
    Asus p4c800E Deluxe
    2 512 Matched Corsair XMS-3200PRO DDR Ram
    Sapphire Radeon X800 XT Platinum Ed.
    Sound Blaster Audigy
    74G WD 10,000RPM 8MB Raptor HD
    Cat 4.6 Drivers
    Samsung 21' LCD
  3. The reason he's asking is because that card is not supposed to be available yet...

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  4. man, that is one expensive rig :>

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  5. First of all, you cannot use any cat driver below 4.5 . That cards is fresh on the market and bugs on it right now is to be expected. Contact ATI or the OEM with this issue for it maybe a driver issue and an updated cat driver required.

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    Asus A7N8X Dlx 440 FSB
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    ATI Radeon 9800 Pro to XT(420/730)
  6. Wow first one on the block with X800XT.
  7. Your computer is too good. I need to confiscate it.

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  8. Well, its still doing it. I've emailed ATI and Sapphire and I'm getting nothing. One of the odds things was that it tends to black out when using the mouse scroll button, implying some kind of conflict, possibly. Also, I've read on the rage3d boards that the Cat drivers may have some kind of issue with the Samsung LCD monitors using a digital connection. Unfortunately, there's so many different things and I'm not as tech savvy as most of you folks seem to be.

    As for getting the card early, I was just lucky in hunting one down - basically, I'd been looking pretty hard for 2 weeks and Sapphire's site confirmed Allstartech.com was a distribution partner so I bookmarked the site- then when the card showed up, I confirmed with the website they had it and ordered it within about an hour. I checked back three hours later and they were sold out and had bumped the price about 60 bucks.

    I'd say I'm happy with my purchase but unfortunately, since I can't run anything in 1600x1200 reso, its basically not much better than the 9700 pro I was already running.

    If anyone has any ideas on what I can try (besides emailing ATI and bugging it on their website, which I've done), I'd be greatly appreciative.
  9. what dirvers are you using?
  10. He posted his specs earlier, he's using 4.6

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  11. opps sorry missed it.

    <A HREF="http://www2.ati.com/drivers/catalyst_46_release_notes.html#174581" target="_new">http://www2.ati.com/drivers/catalyst_46_release_notes.html#174581</A>

    seems to me there is a bug!
  12. I use the beta drivers and have no issues on my x800pro modded to XT.

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  13. Unfortunately, I didnt see my issue listed. It would be much easier to deal with if it was just a specific application.

    As an FYI, I installed the 4.5's, which seem to be a bit more stable at 1200x1024 reso. Plus, I play City Of Heroes and the blinking building bug is annoying at practically any resolution. I get the same problem in both Cat 4.5 and Cat 4.6.

    I suppose it could simply be an issue with the card but it seems that a number of ATI cards have this loss of signal issue.
  14. BTW what 3dmark 03 do you get @ stock?

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  15. just tried 4.6 cats with the xt works perfectly. Might have a bummed card.
  16. What kind of power supply do you have?

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  17. Have you done any more OCing since your last post?
  18. I suggest you contact and report the problem to the Motherboard manufacturer. As this may be the Bios problem, I know similiar problem occur in MSI i865/i875 series MB.
  19. Here's a follow-up. I try something different every day to fix this problem, so I dont go mental spending 4 hours fruitlessly searching for the answer to the problem.

    Last night, checked out all devices by connection. I noticed that the XT is connected to the monitor (samsung- just updated the drivers also) and then attached the monitor is two "unknown devices" which have only appeared since the clean windows install. I didn't think much of it when I reinstalled - I tried to get windows to install them and it couldnt find a driver - got windows to search my mobo install CD- no driver- finally, I just canceled out of it and didn't think anything of it. So last night, I uninstalled both "unknown devices" and rebooted- Windows forces me to reinstall them and again, can't find the drivers or even tell me what the heck the unknown devices are- I let windows connect to update to see if it can find the correct drivers and I get some Windows update error page.

    I'm baffled. I didnt have this problem prior to the reinstall of windows with the new card. I dont know if its significant or not. Thoughts ?

    As an aside, I havent bothered with a 3dmark bench though downloaded the software. I'll run one tonight. No OC'ing yet, trying to figure out this black screen issue before I mess with the vid cards settings (b/c the first thing ATI is going to ask me is "am i overclocking").
  20. More info.

    Just a follow-up. I hooked up my analog cable to the vid card and ran it in 1600x1200. No problems, no black screen . So the problem has something to do with the DVI connection and the vid card. Dunno what though.

    Samsung tech support says its a card issue not a monitor issue. Not sure I agree with that. Does the foregoing give anyone any ideas as to the problem ?
  21. how is Samsung sure its a video card problem?

    Do you have an older card with a DVI output? might want to test it out. If not see if you can buy one at a store with a good return policy.
  22. I have a brand new x800 XT platinum edition. Samsung says its the card, I haven't heard anything from ATI.
  23. you emailed them and they havent gotten back to you yet? wow crappy customer service

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