Need help picking Dektop Replacement Laptop for gaming/multimedia


So I've been looking for a desktop replacement laptop for quite sometime now

I'm mainly looking for a laptop capable of handling most newly released games, can endure heavy multitasking and multimedia and can endure long sittings (6-8 hours)

I stumbled upon the following:

Sony Vaio F VPCF226HA/B



If you have better options, here are my criteria

1) What is your budget?
1600$ at max

2) What is the size of the notebook that you are considering?
16" maximum

3) What screen resolution do you want?
Doesn't really matter as long as it is not too crappy

4) Do you need a portable or desktop replacement laptop?
Desktop Replacement

5) How much battery life do you need?
Doesn't matter

6) Do you want to play games with your laptop? If so then please list the games that you want to with the settings that you want for these games. (Low,Medium or High)?
I mostly play MMOs like World of Warcraft, The Secret World and also League of Legends. Long story short, I play online games. As far as settings go, I'm looking for something that can run at least normal smoothly.

7) What other tasks do you want to do with your laptop? (Photo / Video editing, surfing the web, playing music, watching movies, Etc.)
Skype Video calls, Surfing the web using way too many tabs, sometimes Photoshop or some video editing softwares, Watching movies/anime/series in HD

8) How much storage (H.D.D Capacity) do you need?
I would say at least 300GB (the more the better)

9) If you are considering specific sites to buy from, please post the links to them.

10) How long do you want to keep your laptop?
3-5 years

11) If you would like to mention some other things about purchasing your ideal laptop, post them.
I usually multitask many heavy duties at once. Surfing the web, downloading, media editing, writing, playing MMOs, chatting and making video calls. I sometimes do most of these tasks simultaneously.

12) Please tell us about the brands that you prefer to buy from them and the brands that you don't like and explain the reasons.
Well, I want an Intel Core i7 processor with Turbo Boost and for the GPU either ATI or NVidia. As for the laptop brand, I want anything with good customer service like MSI, Sony.... etc.
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  1. @Pyree

    What does the IdeaPad Y580 has that the MSI and VAIO don't

    Coz from what I see, the MSI is the best of the three, right?

    I'd like your insight and excuse my ignorance in this kind of stuff
  2. GTX 660m in the Lenovo Y580 is faster than the GTX 560m in the MSI GT683, let alone the GT 540m in the Sony VAIO. Also, the i7-3610QM in the Lenovo Y580 is faster clock than the i7-2630QM and i7-2720QM in the MSI and the Sony VAIO, as well as more efficient in power and performance because it in 1 generation newer. Also, I think you will find the Lenovo Y580 is a few hundred dollars cheaper. So no, MSI is not the best out of the three. Lenovo Y580 is.
  3. @Pyree

    Hmm I see. But what about the 8GB Max. RAM in the Lenovo? Isn't it low to carry multiple tasks and for gaming ?
  4. The MSI has 4 SODIMM slot so you can do (4x8GB). If you max out the RAM, the Lenovo and the Sony VAIO with only 2 slot (2x8GB) cannot match it, but 16 GB should be plenty.

    If you need 4 SODIMM slot, then get a Sager. I can't recommended the MSI or the Sony when there are so many, faster or cheaper laptop on the market.
  5. @Pyree

    I see. Thanks alot for the clarification, Pyree.
  6. GT 650m DDR3, GT 650m GDDR5, GTX 660m are the same new Kepler card at different clock and different type of memory.

    GTX 670m is rebadged and overclocked GTX 570m, older card, use more electricity to run and not that much faster than GTX 660m.
  7. So u would recommend a 660m over a 670m?
  8. Go with the cheaper one.
  9. Price is of no issue regarding those four

    I'm willing to go with the best among them even if it was the most expensive one

    Which one would u say is the best and why?

  10. GTX 660m, since it will run cooler and should be better for OC.
  11. Ok then, the Lenovo Y580, Asus G55 and MSI GE60 all have the 660M.

    Which one would you say is the best of the three?
  12. Price: Lenovo
    Design: ASUS
  13. By design, u mean cosmetically or in terms of quality, heat control.... etc?
  14. Best answer
    Cosmetically (ASUS), it's really personal preference

    Location of ports (ASUS), the location of some ports on the MSI is inconveniently located on the back, unlike the ASUS which is all on the sides.

    Heat dissipation (tie), they both have dual fan back exhaust, although the ASUS unit has all of the back area, where as some area on the back of the MSI is occupied by ports.

    Quality (ASUS), well ASUS has a better reputation. But I can not guarantee you will not have any problem. It's just the reality bad units happens regardless on the brands.
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