Looking for the wright ultra book

can any one give me advice plz

if there is a ultra book with 8gb or more with i7 ivy bridge

the reason i want 8gb or more is to multi-stream around the house

thanks for advice
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  1. sorry

    i'm new to this

    forgot to say i live in uk

    the ultra book has got to have 8 Gb of ram or more with a i7 processor (3610 Qm or 3620 Qm)

    reason for HD streaming multi-stream

    price up to £1500

    any advice would be appreciated

  2. Ultrabook wouldn't use i7-3XXXQM CPU.
  3. Ultrabooks only use CULV CPUs (up to 17W TDP). Like this dual core i7-3517U

    You won't find any using the standard i7-3210QM (45W TDP class) CPUs.
    Do you have a plan B?
  4. Iv been looking at the asus N56 VM with i7 3720 QM

    8Gb ram 7200 rpm and also 1080p display

    Been reading the reviews on pcMag.com

    However can't find it any were to buy with those


    The only one I can find is the same bar

    From the processor i7 3610 QM + the rpm 5400

    Thanks for reply
  5. Asus N56VM is a full size 15" 2.7kg notebook. Nothing 'ultrabook' about it.

  6. Thanks 4 info

    Do you need 8Gb ram Or more to multi-stream Hd?
  7. 2GB RAM should be plenty for that.
  8. Thanks for ur help

    I want to stream in 4 rooms using Internet

    Tv + 3 ps3's

    What do you recommend? laptop or ultra book

    If I get a i7 + couple of Gb will that b ok?

    Thanks again
  9. siriusblack said:
    I want to stream in 4 rooms using Internet
    Tv + 3 ps3's
    Aren't the PS3's already connected to the internet? They should be.
    The only device you should be worried about 'streaming' for ... is the TV.
  10. You're talking about the same HD stream, right? Or are you talking about multiple HD streams?
  11. I got a Samsung ue46c8000 led tv

    I'm using mezzmo to stream and serviio

    At the moment I'm ok streaming on tv on 1080p

    No stuttering the 2 ps3 are ok the other ps3 is stuttering

    Im using atom processor with 2 gb

    Thxs for reply
  12. siriusblack said:
    I'm using mezzmo to stream and serviio
    Im using atom processor with 2 gb

    Check Mezzmo system requirements
  13. Multi HD

    4 different programmes or films off the laptop

    At the same time.
  14. Do i need a more powerful laptop

    To stream to all the devices at once in HD ?

    Thanks Appreciate ur advice
  15. All your PS3 will do the HD decode on the PS3 itself - no transcoding/encoding should be required. That's actually a very light workload for the media server.

    It's not clear to me if the TV will need any transcoding/encoding either.
    But the fact that you can do your TV streaming and a even 1 PS3 on that Atom CPU suggest to me it's probably not required.

    Any of the Ivy Bridge Core i5 CPUs and 4GB RAM should be all you need for Mezzmo.
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