Dell xps 14 only runs when in a cool environment

I have an year old dell xps 14.Now that its out of warranty it just does not work!!Yesterday my laptop could not start and even if it did it would not last more than 3 seconds. I took it to dell service center and to my surprise it started working as normal.I used it for about 30 minutes but no problems at all even when running heavy applications.I brought my laptop back home and tried to power it up which failed.So I switched on the air conditioner and brought the room temperature to around 20 degree Celsius(68 degree F) and presto it worked.So what is the problem here?Is it because dust might have clogged the cooling system of the laptop?Should I disassemble it and clean it?And I also checked the temperature when the laptop shut down.It was around 52 degree C.
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  1. U shoud do that....

    u could search some vids in ytube...
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