Watch/record TV through laptop without internet, using fixed aerial

I'd like to watch and record freeview TV via my laptop without connecting to the internet and have been advised that I will probably need an external digital TV tuner as my laptop is a couple of years old.

I have access to a freeview-enabled aerial in my room but would prefer to use my existing laptop screen to avoid buying a TV which would just clutter the place up.

I am struggling to find something that meets my requirements (possibly because everything seems to be written in such technical language that I don;t fullt understand) which are:

- allows me to view TV on my laptop via a fixed aerial (rather than satellite dish)

- will allow me to set up recording of programmes in advance

- does not require my laptop to be on / connected to record programmes

- will record programmes on the device itself rather than storing them on my PC

- will let me watch / record a programme when there is already a programme being recorded.

Basically I want a standard digital TV recorder whcih I can view through a laptop. Does such a device exist? And what would you recommend?


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  1. You might be able to use something like Tivo. Go here and look at the antenna option:
  2. Thanks but I am in the UK and I think TIVO is just in the US.

    We have similar recorders over here, but they are set up for TVs - I believe you need a different set-up for a computer.


  3. Tivo supports PC access, so I am sure you can find an equivalent UK system. You are describing a DVR. It will have to be connected to your network and then you'll access the DVR via the network to manage/watch shows.
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