How much is a 2002 toshiba laptop worth

im trying to sale my toshiba laptop...its a satellite m55-s135 and its has windows 7 installed now, some visible scratches. its a teal/greenish color.
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  1. Hello. Best price I can find is $80 - it drops as far down as $20. So... $20 to $100 is the range you can sell. You can sell higher if you want to keep a hold of the thing (or unless you know a sucker who doesn't know anything about laptops)...
  2. Unfortunately old laptops have very little value because they are simply out of date. It's CPU was considered somewhat weak even back when it was 1st released. I would probably value it at $80 under the best case scenario.

    You might want to put it on Craig's List with something like "$60 or best offer".
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