Anyone repair Gallag pcbs?

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Who repairs these?

Drop me a line.

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    I sent a Gallag (and several other boards) off to Richard Cross in Canada
    for repair. It took some time, but he got the job done for a reasonable
    price. His email is:
    rcross [AT] tbaytel [D0T] net

    awol [AT] i-hacked [D0T] com

    "Brett" <> wrote in message
    > Who repairs these?
    > Drop me a line.
    > Thanks
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    We do...but the backlog is about two months at the moment.

    John :-#)#

    On 20 Apr 2005 10:33:50 -0700, "Brett" <>

    >Who repairs these?
    >Drop me a line.

    (Please post followups or tech enquires to the newsgroup)
    John's Jukes Ltd. 2343 Main St., Vancouver, BC, Canada V5T 3C9
    Call (604)872-5757 or Fax 872-2010 (Pinballs, Jukes, Video Games)
    "Old pinballers never die, they just flip out."
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