I am going to buy either a dell inspiron NEW 15R or TOSHIBA C850-X5212....which of them is more durable and which company gives better customer support????
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  1. Dell customer support is amazing most of the time - but I don't suggest an Inspiron. I would only get their XPS line of laptops.
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    Dell customer support is amazing; it is amazingly awful.

    When your computer stops working less than six months after you purchased it new, Dell will put you on the phone with somebody who barely speaks your language. Next, when they've determined they are indeed at fault and have no excuses left, instead of replacing your computer or sending out a professional to work on it, they will simply send you out a replacement part in hopes that you will fix it yourself and save them even more money than they initially saved in building your computer so cheaply. That's on top of the fact that Dell essentially uses slave labor to build its computers and does so overseas where environmental restrictions are the most lenient, so that they can pollute with utter disregard.

    However, where Toshiba and Dell are concerned, you will find that many Dell computers use Toshiba hard drives. So, there isn't a huge difference in their respective performance records. That being said, Toshiba computers have regularly outperformed Dell computers on reliability, for many years. Google it and see. Toshiba is probably better.

    You might want to give HP and Lenovo a look too. I would also say Mac, but Macs are made in the very same factory where Dell makes its computers.
  3. Post the configurations and prices of the exact models you're considering, and tell us which country you're buying from.

    I feel in my intuition that there are some much better alternatives.
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