Dell Inspiron Mini to factory settings.

Running Windows 7 starter.
I am trying to restore my LPO's inspiron mini to factory settings and every way I have worked it has failed. I have tried the ctrl+F11 at boot and that just produces nothing for me. When I hit F8 at start and select repair computer and log in nothing appears for me. I only have a limited window because it has been packed with viruses and such so it likes to restart its self or blue screen after about 10-20 min in. Is there a better way going about this?

I realize it's not a great computer but I'd like to restore it for her.

Thanks in advance. Any more info needed I will provide.
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  1. Do you have the system restore disk that came with the computer? If so, plop it in, boot from the disk and follow directions.

    Or, if anything, just reinstall Windows.
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