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I recently bought a new laptop with quite good specs
intel core i5 2430m 2.4GHz up to 3GHz
NVIDIA GeForce GT 520M 1GB
and I should be able to play games like Skyrim or GTA IV on high. But its definately not like that. GTA IV I can't even run on the lowest graphics with more than 10FPS and Skyrim is also unplayable lagging on lowest settings. For another example even Modern Warfare 2 is not smooth on lowest settings too and Fallout New Vegas I can play smooth only on lowest settings while I should be able to run ith with 45FPS on Highest settings. Any advice/help? Thanks a lot!
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  1. TBJ, Since you haven't got any answers so far, here are my thoughts (until a better qualified person jumps in). I'm no expert on laptops or NVIDIA stuff, but I have a 7750G-9810 Acer laptop with the HD7670M Ati switchable graphics arrangement (with the Intel HD graphics that's included on the Intel i-processor) and an I-7 Intel processor. My first suggestion is to see if your machine has "Switchable Graphics", as most of these types do. If it does, look for a way to "add your games to the GT 520M", or to put the games in "High Performance" graphics mode (the other modes will use the Intel HD graphics & cause real poor performance). I haven't used NVIDIA products in a long time, but there should be a way in the Video Options or NVIDIA software to do this. I discovered that my 7670M graphics is not DirectX-9 compatible, and will Only run DirectX-11 games (after digging real deep at the AMD site). I hope your NVIDIA graphics are not this same way, because you won't be able to use anything but the Intel graphics. I don't know your game requirements, so I can't say if this could be an issue. You might also look up reviews on the GT 520M, I can't remember the exact models but some of the lower-end NVIDIA graphics do not game very well. Best Luck to you. BTW, you might want to add the full model number of your machine as there are several different 5750's available.
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