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Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place but im haviong grief with my new geforce 6800 card ( leadtek a400 standard 6800 with 128mb, asus a7x-x or something mobo, 512 mb pc 2300, athlon xp 2800+ @ 2.4ghz )

The basic problem is this: When playing games, after a certain amount of time ( between 20-30 seconds in Gunmetal, random in SWgalaxies ) the screen starts producting strange artifacts and ends up freezing. sometimes the freeze is fatal and sometimes it clears. This problem doesnt effect 3d marks 02 or 03 and some games however.....

I assumed this to be a driver conflict so played around with different versions of the forceware and even installed the drivers from leadtek that came in the box. All produced the same result. So I get frustrated and reformat thinking that my system was riddled with some crazy directx bug. alas the problem is still there.

Ive ruled out power issues as I bought a nice new 450w PSU to go with it which also as a second fan installed for extra heat removal.
The CPU is running ok and isnt overheating.
The GPU is fine too and well within its limits.

When i get home ill reistall my old card and see if this happens with gunmetal as this game was supplied with the new card. that way Ill know if the card is faulty or incompatible with my system.

Any other ideas would be incredibly helpful and well recieved.

Thanks in advance
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  1. What driver are ya using?

    I noticed something like that with the early 60 dirvers. the 61 versions seemed to be fine though.
  2. very recent...... 61.40 I think

    I tried some older ones too. Im not at my own pc right now so i cant check but ill try a few others when i get home.

    What ones do you use?
  3. 61.40 are fakes. Dl 61.34, this version by far is the best so far released. There are two versions I was checking out a few sites, and you should get the non sm 3.0 version of the 61.34 drivers since the version with sm 3.0 will actaully slow down performance if ya don't use dx9c.
  4. my 4600 works perfectly. even with the new forceware drivers.

    Could it just be a compatability issue with this one game? Happens on Gunmetal EVERY time I play. Iminstalling loads of stuff right now to see if there is any others that dont like the new card. Seems strange that Gunmetal wont work withi the card it was bundled with.
  5. ARg!!! ive tried everything I canthink of.... Im getting the same problem in other games too.

    ive tried every availiable 60.xx driver, tried dx 9.0c, different refresh rates, under clocking the card and nothing works...

    you think I have a dodgy card? or just bad driver problems?
  6. err where did ya get the card from and do they have an exchange policy?

    Forgot what power supply do ya have?

    Could be a game comatibility issue, see if they have an update for the game.
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