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OK, So i have a version of snowlepord that's been modified to be installed on x86 processors, AMD or Intel... AMD in my case and the specific mod is called Voodoo to run on AMD/ATI chipset and CPU i believe?

So i can boot to the disk just fine, i can use the disk utility and make a partition on the hard drive formatted as Mac extended and install accordingly.
Ive been using EasyBCD to make a boot loader with MBR, has worked like a charm with Linux distros, however, with this utility you cant get to the partition because its asking for a drive path, when you make and format the partition with the mac disk utility you cant assign a drive path ie C: or G: so on and so forth.
So in theory the partition is there, but unaddressable...
Any advice, comments or even some dual booter pros out there who would care to drop me a line , I feel as tho some will obv say GRUB!?
Thanks All.
James Macdonald
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  1. Last year I tried to install Mac OSX 10.5 and 10.6 on a HP xw8200 workstation and I got both to install on a separate HDD but wouldn't boot due to inability to in-stall drivers!
    I think your best bet would be to use a fresh drive and format it with the installer (forgot how i did it). Here's a link you might get more info from;
  2. In my experience AMD cpu's are hell to get to work on a hackintosh. I personally stick to the HQL @ Never failed me.

    If your interested in doing a laptop/netbook hackintosh go to and check out the compatible systems. I've recently done an Asus 1201n and it's running like a dream!

    I found the above to be very helpful. I loaded 10.6 on a Dell D820 I was playing around with.
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