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Well, it took me half the day, but I finally have Windows 8 showing three gadgets. Well, that' not entirely true. Actually, I have windows 8 running virtual box running window 7 so I can have my gadgets.

I like my clock, okay. And I like the little calendar and the weather gadget. I want them there....PERIOD. I don't want a full-screen emersive experience. Microsoft, for the love of God, give me back my GADGETS
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  1. they got gadget that been support by win 8
  2. If you try to install gadgets from windows 7 repositories they don't install. It asks what app you want to use to run the gadget, but it won't work as a traditional gadget.

    Why would Microsoft eliminate gadgets??? Why can't we have metro and gadgets too??? Gadgets are handy on the desktop interface.
  3. Microsoft said that they eliminated gadgets from Windows 8 because of the number of gadgets with malware and viruses in them. I think that the real reason they did away with the gadgets is to make the desktop less appealing and the apps on the interface formerly known as metro were more appealing.
    They also did away with the Aero on the desktop, again to make it less attractive. I think that Microsoft wants to kill off the desktop which is why they did away with the start button as well.
  4. I think there is a lot of truth in what you say. I think Metro will be great on Windows 8 "tablets." It's just a different experience.

    My virtual machine is still running on my windows 8 desktop. I've got it minimized to the point where it is just wide enough to show the three gadgets I mentioned before. But isn't it ridiculous that to do something as simple as show a few gadgets I've got to resort to using a virtual machine? As a testament to both Intel and AMD--the windows 8 host and virtual machine run on a humble Athlon ii x2 in the basement and I'm viewing this machine in a remote desktop upstairs on an intel machine. The computers don't seem to mind the extra work a bit...
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