Confused about buying a Laptop as I'm moving to a university hostel

I've to buy a Laptop among these:

1)Acer Aspire 5755G
i5 2430 2nd Gen - 500GB HDD - 4GB RAM - nVidia GT630M 2GB
Price 6300 PKR

2)Dell Inspiron N5520
i5 3210 3rd Gen - 500GB HDD - 4 GB RAM - Radeon 7670M 1GB
Price 6200 PKR

I'm going to move to a hostel in the near future so I'll be needing a Laptop. I'm not much of a hardcore gamer but gaming is my hobby and I play games regularly. I'm also a Photoshop and After Effects user so my usage is medium gaming and photoshoping. I was just going to buy the Acer Aspire but my friend stopped me saying that the new Dell N5520 has 3rd Generation Ivy Bridge i5 processor and the 7670M is better than GT630M. I'm really confused between these two Laptops as I don't know how much better i5 3210 is from i5 2430. I've heard that Inspirons have heating problems especially in Pakistan where room temperatures remain 85°F to 100°F most of the year. I hope heating problems could be solved by using Laptop Cooling Pads.
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  1. All laptops get hot, thats just a fact. I'd definitely get a cooling pad if your room is going to be that hot. Personally I'd go with the Inspiron, not a huge difference but I'd go with the newer processor.
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