Laptop wont start after vacuum

Hello all,
being a newbie, i vacuumed my dell inspiron 1525. i didnot know that its not wise to vacuum a laptop, now the laptop wont start ..just the power LED is on and also the lights on the top for volume control,etc light up as usual. I suspect even my fan is not working after vacuuming.

Any suggestions please.

Thanks in advance
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  1. try taking out the battery, and unplugging the power - then press the power button to discharge the caps, a couple times. Wait a couple minutes.

    then plug in the power to the wall - don't connect the battery - and see if it boots.
  2. I think you could have blown either the fan or something on the MOBO. By forcing the fan to spin the motor acts like a dynamo and pushes current into your laptop.

    Try the above and if it doesn't work come back and let us know and we will think some more...
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