Need a laptop for college :)

Hey everyone, so I'm having quite a bit of trouble deciding on my new laptop for college. It seems that no matter what I do, I can never decide on which laptop to choose because I read something bad about them in forums or reviews that turns me away (temporarily). All I really care for is a solid built laptop that Is portable enough to get me through college (meaning thin with good battery life), and can play most modern games at medium to high settings. I really dont care if it can play ultra or not. So here are the contenders.

Dell XPS 15 L21x - $1579.99
I know that people have been saying. WAY too overpriced, has major throttling issues, blah blah blah. All I really dont care about that stuff. I like that it has a solid build with FHD screen, blueray, thin and sexy, and an OK graphics card.

HP Dv6t-7000 - $1180
This one is just as good as the dell xps 15, if not better, in terms of hardware, but there are several things I want to point out. Build quality is not as good as the XPS 15. I've read up on misaligned blue-ray drives, crappy keys, track pad, overheating, etc. I feel like this laptop has a lot of problems unless you get a golden egg. The build is not as solid as the xps but the way i configured it would give me 160gb SSD, GT650M with 2GB DDR5 i believe, 1080p screen, etc. Plus I will buy the 9 cell and 6 cell battery for all day battery life.

So all it really comes down to is build quality, portability, and features. I welcome everyone's honest opinion, and wish for everyone to provide insightful responses and even recommendations, except for thick laptops, like the lenovo Y580, as fricking amazing as it is, and no matter how much I f***ing want it, I wont buy it because its too thick, and I like sleek and sexy toys. BTW some people might say the Dv6 is thick, I would qualify anything from .9in to 1.2in thickness and anything that has battery life over 4.5 hours.

PS I've also looked at laptops like to n56vz and HP envy 15, etc.
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  1. I am looking at similar laptops as you - I believe.
    Right now I am looking at the Dell Inspiron 15R Special Edition and Asus N56VZ-RB, Sony Vaio S, and a Vizio I was just recommended on another thread.
    Sony (make sure you choose the i7 quadcore version or upgrade the i5 version to similar specs as those you have):

    I see that you already looked at the Asus, but this specific version is better than those available on Amazon and Newegg (though it should be available there in a couple of weeks). The Vaio and Vizio are smaller and lighter than the other two, but have weaker GPU's.

    Out of your two, however, I would go with the XPS if you can spend that kind of money (I cannot). I have not had the best luck with HPs build quality and have heard other horror stories about it.
  2. Supermuncher85 said:

    I would absolutely get it if it was not 8.5 lbs! It is quite a bit too heavy. I mean I am already worried about the 6 lbs of the Asus N56
  3. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger? :D Just throwing that option out there.
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