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I need to run DayZ on medium - high settings, and Minecraft on Ultra Settings. I'm just worried that an Acer is going to break easily. And not knowing too much about computers, I just want to know if I can run those game on my requirements.
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  1. BUMP!
  2. The biggest problem with the Acer Aspire V3-771G-9875 is that it comes with a 17.3" 1600x900 display.

    15.6" 1366x768 and 17.3" 1600x900 displays make things onscreen large, and tend to be low-tier LCD panels that have very poor image quality due to low contrast.


    You can get the HP DV6t with the GT 650M, 15.6" 1920x1080 display, and Core i5.

    HP DV6t (i5-3210M, NVIDIA GT 650M, 15.6" 1920x1080 matte IPS display) - $824 + tax after coupon code NBQ1148
    - You could more than likely get away with downgrading the CPU to a Core i3, since most games will be bottlenecked by the GT 650M before being bottlenecked by the CPU.
    - Worthwhile upgrades: Backlit keyboard, Larger or faster HDD.
    - Don't upgrade memory on the configuration page, because it's much cheaper to do it yourself if you need to upgrade it.
    - Don't downgrade the GPU to the GT 630M or Integrated Graphics if game performance is important to you.
    - Don't downgrade the display to 1366x768. The HP DV6 generally should not be bought in any configuration that includes the default 1366x768 display, unless its larger text is required for eyesight-related reasons. 1366x768 resolution in a 15.6" display makes things onscreen large, and 15.6" displays that have 1366x768 resolution tend to have very poor image quality due to low contrast.
    - Remember: Apply coupon code NBQ1148
    - Note: This laptop is not for you if you are an Audiophile
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