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I am going to build a computer with the new P4 530 3.0Ghz (probably, debating getting the Athlon 64 3200+) I have been looking at benchmarks for the 128MB and 256MB versions and they seem very similar. i was wondering if anyone had any input on the value of getting the 256MB
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  1. There is a very good reason you are not seeing much of a performance difference between the 128MB and 256MB cards. There really isn't any games or applications that will use that much video memory. I would stick with the 128MB card more for price reasons.

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  2. Get the 128 MB version. There is no advantages to the 256 MB version. I think some of the 256 MB cards may even use slower memory than the 128 MB ones.
  3. i am also thinking about the future, i want this card to last my 3 years at least, will 128MB be enough for future games as far as you can see
  4. According to Newegg, they have a ATI Radeon 9800 Pro 256 MB for $266. The new 6800 Non-ultra is being released for $299. Granted the card is only 128 MB, but currently the 6800 Non-ultra is faster than the 9800XT.
  5. This is an interesting thread. I am trying to decide what video card to put in my new system I am building and I was going to go with a ATI X800XT 256meg just so I would have the latest and greatest and not have to worry for a few (hah!) years. Even with games like Doom III and Farcry, 256 meg cards are not fully being utilized? My system so far will be Abit IS7, 1 GB Crucial 3200 Ram, p4 3.0ghz HT, Raptor 10k drive and an Audigy 2.0 ZS Plat. Ed. I would not be against getting a 128 card and waiting if a 256 X800 is a waste of money right now. Current I use a Ti400 64 meg card (I think it's in my Dell). I just want to be able to play my Battlefield Vietnam with the graphics jammed up which I currently can't do on my existing p4 1.7 :) Thanks all!
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