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I'm looking to get my GF a laptop/notebook for under 400$, it's pretty much going to be used for browsing Facebook, youtube, webcamming.

I was thinking about getting her this.


Do you think that's worth the price? I'm trying to find something that look's good, but is also an alright PC. I know i could most likely find her a better laptop/netbook on Ebay for the same price that comes with a DVD/CD drive, but i don't really have a way to buy anything off ebay atm. Any other suggestions?
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  1. Also @ BestBuy: HP Pavilion G4 14" laptop $330
    Has an entry level Sandy Bridge B950 2.1Ghz CPU, 320GB HDD, 14" 1366x768 LCD.
    With DVD Burner, Built-in webcam & mic. 4.7 lbs and 1.4" thin (vs 4.1 lbs / 1.3" for Asus 14" you linked)
  2. Isn't the B950 older then the B970? It would be nice to get one with a DVD burner, though.
  3. It's the same series of entry level Sandy Bridge CPUs.
    Realistically, you'd not be able to notice a difference in performance between 2.1Ghz vs 2.3Ghz CPUs.
  4. Yeah, i'd be willing to go with a refurbished laptop, if the specs are nice.
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