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Hey guys! I am new to these forums but I am at a complete loss as to what to do with this problem I am having. I have a HP dv5-1000 laptop and when the laptop powers up the display get a purple hue and than goes blank. Sometimes I can see a distorted picture of the computer booting but most of the time not.

Here are the things I have tried to fix it.

I have replaced the LCD flex cable with several used ones all of them didn't work, so I ordered a brand new one. That didn't work either. I have also tried about 4 or 5 inverters which didn't help either. So than I tried a few 15.4 screens I had and all of which produced similar effects. Sometimes I would get images but it would be all distorted and blurry. The computer is running win7 so I thought maybe an issue with the bios as I have seen that before so I popped in a new HDD and loaded win xp same thing. So at this point I ordered a brand new LCD screen off of eBay with identical part numbers. This screen does the same exact thing. I am at a loss because the external monitor works just fine.

I have found similar threads about this issue but all of them pointed towards the cable which I have tried about 5 different ones including brand new ones. None of which work.

My next step was going to be to REFLOW the GPU on the motherboard but I don't know if that will help as the external display is fine.

Does anyone have any suggestions or helpful hints I can try?? At this point I will try anything.

Thanks Steve!
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  1. Hey thanks for all the replies!!!

    I just wanted to post back that I have figured it out. I took the motherboard out and took a very close look at there the LCD plugs into the motherboard and as it turns out, there was a broken pin that you couldn't see while the motherboard was in. I tried to bend it back but it was too far gone. So now I know that I just have to replace the motherboard.

    Hope this helps someone.
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