I have read TOMS reviews, but I would like to address gamers who own these cards and are acutely playing games. Games like FARCRY and UNREALT4 how good is your frame rate (are you getting slowdowns)? Can you Max-out in options menu?
Are you really impressed with image quality (modells.backgrounds,surfaces,etc).

Would greatly appreciate honest feedback*

PS: At my present budget $399-$465 is a good wallet kick**
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  1. wouldn't get either one of theose cards right now, wait for the 6800gt, its 2 times faster then those those and its 400 bucks.

    You can't max out on either of those cards on either far cry or ut 2004. (well you might be able to if you don't go higher then 1200x1024)
  2. I have a BFG 5900nu that I flashed to a 5950 and I can max out details on both those games. However I only play in 1024x768x32 and I use DX9.0c. It's not really worth buying a FX card unless you're on a tight budget and then the FX 5900xt is a good OCer. In that price range a 9800 pro is a better choice unless you get a good deal like I did. Like entium said the 6800GT is the card you should get.
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