Would like a light, cheap, laptop, capable of medium gaming

This is for my father, who needs a replacement laptop. Preferably light, sturdy, not too expensive, and capable of medium level gaming(just in case I have to use it). The screen size should preferably be around 14 inches.

Main thing is it must be at relatively light. It doesn't have to be uber-light, but light enough to not cause immense shoulder strain. Somewhere in the range of 3-5 pounds. Currently he has a Elitebook 8440p. Hopefully something similar to that, but cheaper with greater power. Elitebooks are overpriced.

For example, this laptop is a Y570. Something slightly lighter than this, similar or slightly lesser power. Thanks in advance!
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  1. a price range would be very nice to have
  2. I am assuming around $1000 because that is ~ the cost of the Elitebook 8440p
    Sony Vaio S Series (still overpriced, but it gives you the power for the speed).
    Also the Lenovo Thinkpad T Series (and any of the other ones really. If you get one of the faster 3rd gen i5's or i7's you should be able to do a decent amount of mid-low gaming even on the Integrated 4000 HD Graphics).
    Also look at the Vizio line of laptops that are just releasing. They seem to fit great for a lot of people.
    The Asus U47VC also looks alright but the display isn't great...
    Oh and if you're only worried about reasonably light, you could also take a look at the Asus N56VZ (or one of the other ones). If you have a Microcenter in your area this seems like a great deal:
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    A friend of mine got a new Sony Vaio e series for around $700, and it has HD 4000 graphics.

    I played with it a bit and it seemed pretty snappy (didn't get a chance to do any gaming though)
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