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Hi everyone! Im stuck with a puzzling error that is getting me worried and frustrated. I recently bought a sager np9150, and was already sent for rma due to a faulty ac adapter. The laptop was working well til I activated windows, when it restarted, the computer would restart at bios. I inserted the installation disk and it would boot so im guessing its not a mobo issue? Even restoring to a different date (using the disk) would not help it! Im really frustrated especially since school is starting soon. I really need your help!! I deeply appreciate it! Thank you!!! :)
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  1. Quote:
    I don't understand.
    What do you mean by "restarts after bios"? when exactly? Can you insert the installation disk and get some consistent result, if I get it right?

    and you didn't do anything else in the same session when you activated Windows?

    Well you know at the title screen were it would say the brand of the laptop, in my case it would say Sager. It would show that screen twice, then screen turns black, and it begins all over again. By inserting the installation disk, i can re install windows. Besides my usual art stuff that I do, not really. Thanks
  2. check with the battery unpluged and ac adaptor out. flip the unit over and check that the ram is connected to the mb. sometime in shipping it can pop lose. also check the video card of the laptop..looks like it has a removable one. try setting the bios to use the onboard intel chipset only make sure the sata is set to achi mode not ide or raid. if the laptop had software on it and not a clean factory image they may have put a hacked version of windows on the laptop..if it hacked version it can do two things...reboot or has a virus. i would try scanning the drive Hiren's BootCD 15.1 use there anti virus on the disk...check the smart of the drive see if it fine. if it a seagate or wd drive run the vendor tools on the cd. if it still reboots. check that the drive is fully connected to the mb. if you think the os cd is a hacked cd...try using windows 8 install disk it free and leagle from ms right now.
  3. Thanks for the help! Ram and HHD are connected properly. Sata is already set to achi mode. It may actually be a hacked version. Thanks for the advice about using the BootCD. I was able to boot into windows. But I feel that if I dont boot with the CD it will not be able to boot on its own.
  4. you have a few things you can you can email the laptop vendor and buy a set of restore cd. also check to see if there a restore partion on the drive or should have had one. with any laptop or pc there should be a vaild oem windows number stuck to the bottom of the unit or given to the new owner. most cd will say the model of the unit and restore os. if the vendor gives out the windows cd it be retial looking with the hologram on it. as your in school you can download and buy windows 7 at a discount. or if testing the unit and seing that it works or not works is your number one issue..use another pc and download the windows 8 cs from microsoft it a bootable iso image..use the ios to usb tool on ms web page and make a bootable usb stick and remove the old partion on the drive...reboot and let windows 8 make a new system and data partion..if windows 8 install is fine..then you know that os was hacked. (i would then email the laptop vendor and see if the laptop is hot or not). an if it did go in for a system board repair.
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