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Okay guys, after a couple threads last night here, I ended up deciding on a Lenovo Y580 with 1920x1080 screen. With that option, my only hard drive choice was the 1TB 5400rpm HDD (would have had to get the 1366 screen for SSH).

I also went ahead and ordered the mSATA SSD linked below, which I believe should be compatible. Question is, how do I go about setting the OS to boot from the SSD, and when I decide which other programs I'd like on it, how do I move them over to make them load from it as well?

I did the 'next day' shipping so I assume I'll get it tomorrow. The order (at newegg) was placed last night, so I doubt I get it all in today.

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    The easiest way to move your factory Lenovo HDD image onto the SSD would be to create recovery media from the HDD and load it on the mSATA SSD (C). This would clone your factory Lenovo HDD onto the SDD. You could then format your HDD (D) and use it for file storage.

    The downside here is your Windows paging file, hibernation file, and Lenovo Recovery Partition will reside on the SSD wasting space.
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