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Hey hey

A friend of mine has $550 to spend on a video card. Hes looking at the 6800GT, hes wanting to get the BFG 6800GT from

Just wondering what ya'll think about BFG? Oh and my friend is also gonna get a 470watt Enermax PSU, for whatever its worth...

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  1. The brand is nothing special, it does what nVidia wants it to do. Unlike larger brands like MSI,ASUS, Gainward taht might have better bundle and more quality parts (ram, capacitor, etc)

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  2. Actually the brand is special in that they have a REAL lifetime warranty. Also the fact they have them OCed a little by default with the warranty in tact.
  3. yeah it looks like BFG has their GT clocked at 370/1000, default GT is 350/1000.

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