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Hi, I am thinking about buying a laptop, from hp, with the new a10-4600m. I am really interested into the the dual graphics. I have found articles about how you can run dual graphics between the hd 7660g and the 7670m, and the performance with be around the gt 650m, but can I run dual graphics between the hd 7660g and the 7730m? I really need to know which gpu to get, so any response would be apprieciated!!! :)
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  1. You can't upgrade the GPU.What you buy is what you get.It's just a higher or different tier.
  2. No it's a customizable pc where you get to choose the parts. I just need to know if dual graphics works between the 7660g and the 7730m.
  3. If they have it as an option then it most likely does.
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    the 7730m does not crossfire or at least is not nearly as effective as the 7670m because the 7670m and 7660g are very closely matches so the microstuttering is non existent. Yes the 7670m+7660g crossfire is the level of a GT 650m. I currently own the Pavillion DV6z-7000 with A10-4600m and 7670m and am very pleased with temperature, battery, and gaming performance. I highly recommend this configuration.
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