Video Card Freezes on Direct3D and OpenGL games

I have had this SiS 315 64mb video card for about a year now.
It ran perfectly fine on my old pc. After my old PC died, i slapped it into a spare computer that I had. The card runs fine in windows, but when I open a game or start something that utilizes Direct3D or OpenGL, my system will freeze. I updated my graphics and chipset drivers to no avail.. HELP!!
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  1. If you did'nt do a clean install with the old/spare pc, you may have driver fragments left over from the last card in it. Use driver cleaner or driver detonator program to remove the old nasties.

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  2. I did a clean install of windows about 2 weeks ago. The SiS is the only card that i have used in it since then. it is a 2x/4x card, and the agp information diagnostic I ran showed that the motherboard is capable of handling it.
  3. Check for audio driver conflicts even though they may not show in the hardware sytems section. I found a similar situation in my system and had to revert to earlier audio drivers to solve the problem even though diagnostics showed no conflicts. Goodluck

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