Radeon or Geforce?

I'm going crazy on trying to choose which Video card to get. All these different reviews got me confused. I currently have a 9800pro but I'm selling my whole computer and will have to buy another video card. I was thinkning of switching to geforce cuz I've been have problem with my 9800, Specifically when i play city of heroes.

I read the buyers guide and this came up:
GeForce FX5900 SE/XT

Pros- DX9 support, best DX8 performance in this category and quite good DX9 performance, good AA/AF peformance
Cons- Not so good price/performance ratio as Radeon 9600 PRO, equal to R9600 PRO/XT in DX9 games

Is it really only as good as the 9600!? I don't think I can afford a 6800, but the 5900 series should drop when this comes out right? Another question I have is, is the 6800 going to be able to run on a regular MoBo without PCI express? If so maybe I can scrounge up money for it. oh and check out these contradicting reviews:



I know that its a big time difference and different games, but which one is better. radeon 9800 series and geforce 5900series?
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  1. ati 9800 pro 256 bit 128 mb ram
  2. For city of hero use catalyst 4.5

    Athlon 2700xp+ (oc: 3200xp+ with 200fsb)
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  3. its 128mb card. I have doom 3 already pre-ordered, I think geforce would be the way to go for that game. can anyone answer my question about the 6800 working with mobo without pci express? were you asking which card I had?

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  4. The GF6800 series (like the X800 series) currently comes in 2 flavours, AGP and PCI-EX. Just make sure you get the AGP version if that's what you're looking for.

    As for which card will do better in D]|[, really you should wait and see, no one can really show which one will do better. The GF6800 SHOULD do better that's a given, but between the FX5900 series and the R9800series, it's unsure, since Carmack initially said the R9700/9800 does better on the Starndard ARB2 path and the FX does better on the NV30 path. Well since he's dropped the NV30 path, what does that leave us with? Since there aren't any recent benchies with recent drivers, etc. If I were you I'd wait for the preview benchies (which should appear before the game actually arrives to you) before you buy a new card. By which time a GF6800 should have dropped in price and been more plentiful, and if D]|[ is the only game you care about, it's highly likely that that card will be your best choice. But who knows?

    BTW, the FX5900XT matching the R9600XT in DX9 games is fairly accurate, but remember that this is an OpenGL game, and there are currently certain nV advanatges there, so really wait for the benchies before you potentially waste money.

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  5. I was having problems in City of Heroes after the update with my 9500Pro using the 4.6 Catalyst drivers, I rolled back to 4.5 and things seem to be better. (at least they were last night)
  6. I went back to 4.5 and its a lot better than it was before. I actually had to reinstall windows, cuz when I uninstalled the omega drivers they wouldn't completly uninstall. I even had driver cleaner. That and I could install any security updates either. Works a lot better now.

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  7. PCI express is nice but really not a great upgrade unless you are planning on getting on a top end cpu like amd fx-53 or 64 3800 or intel 3.6. Also keep in mind pci-e cards will be more expensive in the short run with little benefits.

    Whats your price range on spending for a mobo, cpu, and card?
  8. My budget is about $250 for the cpu, $300 for the video card and I'm not sure about the MoBo.
  9. well if ya have a good cpu 2.5 gig or equavalent don't really need to upgrade here is a good amd xp 3000+ (amd 64's are a bit more about 100 bucks but are well worth it)

    <A HREF="http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=985144&Sku=MBM-TN2V-3000&CatId=188" target="_new">http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=985144&Sku=MBM-TN2V-3000&CatId=188</A>

    but 300 bucks for a card nV gf 6800nu. For the price its the best card.
  10. btw regarding to the COH question, i play that game my self, i have a Radeon 9800 Pro 128 MB. have u tyred to diable FastWrite ?, itll help the stability of ur system.
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