Laptop for school/image editing/mild gaming

I have been looking for a decent laptop in the $300-$450 range that I could use during school to take notes ect.

I will also be using it for a large amount of image editing work with CS6 and a little bit of gaming in WoW and Minecraft. I'm fine with medium to low graphics, but the intel integrated graphics won't cut it....

My main issue here is that I need:

4-8gb of RAM
a Quad core AMD A6 APU or the intel equivalent with dedicated graphics (which will most likely be out of my price range)
Disk Drive
and high battery life; as in 5 or more hours of moderate to light use (Im ok with an aftermarket battery)
preferably a SD card reader
14"-16" inch screen (768x1366 or higher)
the hard drive does not have to be nice since I will be upgrading it to a SSD anyway
I would prefer black, grey or green but I might be able to put aside those preferences depending upon the hardware..

Any help finding a computer like this if it exists is greatly appreciated!
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