Asus A53SD-ES71 vs lenovo y570

Hello, so I'm going to buy a laptop in approximately a week and a half, and I am so NOT computer savvy, so I would really appreciate some help. My budget is approximately $800 us dollars.

So some of the of the details for asus A53SD 15.6in $759 at amazon are:


Display: 15.6-inch HD display (1366 x 768)
CPU: Intel Core i7-2670QM (2.2GHz)
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 610M 2G
Wireless: 802.11 b/g/n
LAN: 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet
Memory: 6GB DDR3 1333 MHz SDRAM, 2 x SODIMM socket for expansion up to 8GB SDRAM Storage: 750GB 5400RPM
Optical Drive: DVD±RW/CD-RW
Camera: 0.3 megapixel
Speakers: Altec Lansing speakers
Card Reader: 1 x 5 in 1 card reader : SD+MMC+MS+MS PRO SDHC(SD 2.0)
Input/ Output: 1 x Mic-in, 1 x Headphone-out, 1 x VGA port/Mini D-Sub 15-pin for external monitor, 1 x RJ-45 LAN, 2 x USB 2.0 ports, 1x USB 3.0 port
Battery Pack: 6-cell
Dimensions: 15.2 x 10.2 x 1.4 –inches (W x D x H)
Weight: 5.72lbs (with 6-cell battery)

AND for the lenovo y570 15.6in which it current $699(don't know how long this will last though) are:

processor: 2nd generation Intel Core i7-2670QM Processor( 2.2GHz 1333MHz 6MB)
graphic: NVIDIA GeForce GT 555M 1GB
memory: 8.0GB PC3-10600 DDR3 SDRAM 1333 MHz
display: 15.6" HD Glare with integrated camera 1366x768
hard drive: 500GB 7200 rpm

LOL help, I have no idea what I just wrote, will use it for movies, multitasking, word processor, excel, movies, video, very light gaming, but I would like the computer to be fast and have nice audio and good screen resolution. Which do you recommend?
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  1. i recommend skipping both of those models and going with an ivy bridge 3rd generation i7 laptop instead which can be had for the about the same amount of monies.
  2. Neither of these two laptops are particularly good options. The issue that is the case for both is that they come with 15.6" 1366x768 displays. 1366x768 resolution in a 15.6" display makes things onscreen large, and 15.6" displays that have 1366x768 resolution tend to have very poor image quality due to low contrast. The same applies to 17.3" 1600x900 displays, and this type of display should be avoided when it is reasonable to do so, unless its larger text is required for eyesight-related reasons.

    It should not be a priority for you to find a laptop that has a Core i7 processor, or an Ivy Bridge processor, or whatever, unless you have a specific need for one. High-end and/or recently-released processors are frequently included in laptops for marketing reasons alone, and at lower prices generally come at the sacrifice of more important components (e.g. GPU, display). The basic user or light gamer is generally not going to notice a difference between a Core i3 and a Core i7.

    The ASUS A53SD-ES71's GT 610M GPU isn't a particularly fast GPU either. It should be fine for very light gaming, but a GT 540M / GT 630M would be a nice bump up.


    A generally-better option would be this ASUS N53SM-AS51 for $779 no tax.

    Specs include: Core i5-2450M, NVIDIA GT 630M, and a 15.6" 1920x1080 matte display.

    The Core i5-2450M is already more CPU power than you need. You shouldn't focus your efforts and money on getting something faster than this.

    The NVIDIA GT 630M is rather decent for light gaming. It's a considerable jump from the GT 610M in the A53SD, and it's only a small bit behind the Y570's misbranded 96-Shader GT 555M (which is slower than a true GT 555M)

    The 15.6" 1920x1080 matte display has great contrast, is good for multitasking, and has an anti-reflective matte finish. But the reason to look for this type of display isn't just because of how good it is, it's also because of how bad 15.6" 1366x768 displays are.


    Alternatively, you can get a much faster GPU with one of the DV6 models listed here:

    Advantages of DV6 models:
    - Much faster GPU, especially the GT 650M the DV6t (but as a very light gamer, the GT 630M should be sufficient)
    - IPS display (no color inversion at off-angles)

    Disadvantages of DV6 models:
    - Probably poorer build quality (not based on unfounded brand prejudice, but based on other users' reported experience)
    - Poorer audio quality
  3. thank a lot for your help now I'm torn between two different laptops lol
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