Install windows xp on laptop with usb

Did instant restore with roxio backontrack on laptop and ended up with bootmgr is compressed message. Used roxio toolkit repair on usb (my laptop is a compaq mini 110 without cd or dvd drive) and it was meant to fix bootmgr is compressed error but got error loading operating system message instead. Then used bartpe builder to try install windows xp on it via usb and completed all steps but got same error loading operating system message.
Will keep looking online but any advice can't get safe mode to come up so am bit clueless at this point? Just want to install xp on it agin or even restore old windows xp if possible.
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  1. Here are detailed step by step instructions with pictures:

    How Do I Perform a Clean Installation of Windows?
  2. Can manage one with a cd drive but its a mini laptop. I do have a usb drive but have failed with roxio repair kit to fix bootmgr compressed and with bartpe buider says error loading operating system.
  3. still get BOOTMGR is compressed of main drive on startup. Got BartPE to work and looks like all my files are intact on main drive. Can I uncompress BOOTMGR from file management in BartPE. Any one had experience with this error or program?
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