Samsung rv510 wont turn on

I have a samsung rv510 laptop computer that ill not turn on. I purchased a new charger and still nothing. Any suggestions?
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  1. Ok, I have some questions, In the past its works fine?

    Try this, take apart the battery, connect the new AC adapter, check if the panel led is on (thats indicated that the AC adapter is correct and recieving power), and try to power on.

    If the led panel its not on, the problem is the AC adapter is not working or the power secton in the motherboard could be damage.

    Try another thing, if its possible removed the Ram dimms, and trun on. If the computer starts working and display there is no ram, the problem is the dimms chips are damage, try installing the original dimm, and do the same, if not, try the another dimm if there were 2. If still not working. remove the hard drive, do the same. If still not working, the problem is the power section, could be blowed.

    If you still have warranty go the an autorized service office, to fixed. Good luck., replay if the problem were fixed.
  2. : :hello: did u manage to get laptop fixed .i have same problem . No power from on off switch . Battery and charger ok have removed both . Battery was half charged when I put it in shutdown mode .when I pluged back in orange charge light came on but no reaction from on off switch .it charged up and light is now green .everything else is blank.dont really know a lot about computers . Is there a "fuse"? Between power and on switch?.
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