No sound in my HP Pavilion dm4-2070us

I have no sound my in my HP Pavilion dm4-2070us Entertainment PC. I have tried every troubleshoot places I have researched with no result. And also my curser has decided to jump around when I'm typing in e-mails too.

Totally Frustrated
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  1. if its a software problem you can resolve it by doing a system restore.

    Here are detailed step by step instructions with pictures:

    How Do I Use the Windows System Restore Utility?
  2. See if this can help: No sound in Windows
  3. Hi, The most common problem in Windows for having no sound in a normal use its that you have on the automatic Windiows update, there is an updated that caused this problem, to resolved this download Aida64:
    install and identified the sound card, for example: realtek sound card. Then go to website of realitek website and download the driver for the sound card you have, or go to HP website and download the driver for your computer, install it and the problem is fixed.

    Another cause of sound problem it´s that the .dll file is corrupt or damage, download Tuneup Utilities, install it and run, this programs corrects the most common registery files in Windows, then download CCleaner, its free, install and run, start with the first option; Clean run Analize and correct, the run the second option: Registry look problems and then repair. thats all.

    In the case if you change the Windows version, the problem is that HP only have drivers for Windows 7 (64bits), So you have to change for the original Windows 7 version because another version is not built for this computer.

    So good luck and replay.
  4. Hi,

    I'm sorry to hear about your problem. Sometimes the credit card will extend the warranty automatically. Search Visa and extended warranty on google.

    I am try to do this with the DM4 2070US. However they require a copy of the factory warranty. Could you do me a huge favor and e-mail me a copy of the warranty if you have it? My e-mail address is

    Thanks so much in advance. I would really appreciate it if you could do this for me. I am desperate.
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