Best budget gaming laptop under $800

The best thing I've found so far for the price is this

I'd buy it with an extra stick of 4gb ram so it'd be a beast at gaming, the only problem is that graphics card, even though its good I want to still be able to play games at medium 3 years from now, I know it can play games like battlefield 3 on medium and that's good and all, but if anyone can find a better gaming laptop for under $800 can you post it here please.

I think the only thing that needs to be better is the graphics card because the current cpu is good enough for gaming

Thanks in advance
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    I found no notebooks under $800 with a better graphics card than that. The computer above me starts at $960 ($930 if you don't mind not using your credit card) because it doesn't come with an operating system standard. But it does have a 650m which could play bf3 on high.
    Unless you really need a laptop I. E. traveling a lot, you shouldn't get a laptop for gaming.
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  3. Yh I figured as much, but the thing is, I can either spend money on fixing my desktop because the mobo got fried where I'd have (after teh upgrade)

    a core i3-2120
    8gb ram
    an ati-4670 (very dismal)
    and a 500W psu

    and would have to get a very cheap laptop

    or I just get a very good laptop and fix my desktop later
  4. How much would you trust this though?

    Could you explain what this laptop is? because when I search for it on google, the specs seem to be too great for that price
  5. nvm I figured it out. It only has a gpu [facepalm]

    HP DV6t. Customize it to a 650m graphics card w/ 1gb mem and it should come out to ~$850 I think.
  7. ooh it would have been nice but sadly i cannot buy it this instant :(
  8. Komomu said:
    ooh it would have been nice but sadly i cannot buy it this instant :(

    Gaming laptops generously are mediocre at best. My dear old m14x was a beast. Then it died in a shooting accident. Get a 450$ gaming PC to easily max lol. GTA is another story
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