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Brand New Laptop (1 month) continuously shuts down

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July 21, 2012 10:20:51 AM

I bought an ASUS K55VM last month. While playing games like GTA IV, Assassins' Creed II or Skyrim or any game similar, it shuts down after 20-30 mins later. At first I thought it is a heat issue but in a stress test, i detect that at the moment of shutdown its components' temperatures are not even near to safe temperature level.

Core 1: 89 C
Core 2: 86 C
Core 3: 83 C
Core 4: 88 C
Load 100.0%
GPU: 88 C

Its safe limits are 105 C for CPU and 120 C for Graphics Card (GPU)

So I am asking, what else could cause this instant shut downs? Its really annoying, I know tecnical service will not even be able to detect the problem, they will send it back labeling "false report". I do not trust them. What can I do, how can I detect what causes this problem?

Its specs:

ASUS K55VM-SX028V Specs:


Processor Core i7 (3rd Generation)
Variant 3610QM
Chipset Intel HM76 Express
Brand Intel
Clock Speed 2.3 GHz (turbo boost 3.3)
Cache 6 MB (L3 Cache)


Expandable Memory Up to 8 GB
Memory Slots 2 (Unused slots 0)
System Memory 8 GB DDR3
Hardware Interface SATA
RPM 7200
HDD Capacity 1 TB
Optical Disk Drive
Read/Write Speed 8x
Optical Drive Super Multi Dual Layer DVD RW Drive
Architecture 64-bit


Screen Size 15.6 Inch
Resolution 1366 x 768 Pixel
Screen Type Widescreen BrightView LED-backlit Display


Dedicated Graphics Memory Type DDR3
Dedicated Graphics Memory Capacity 2 GB
Graphic Processor NVIDIA GeForce GT 630M

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a b D Laptop
July 21, 2012 11:07:41 AM

"Its safe limits are 105 C for CPU and 120 C for Graphics Card (GPU)"
Whoever told you that?
Ask them what it would feel like to have something like a laptop at 100C plus on their laps and then ask them if it's safe.

100C+ is nowhere near safe temps. You have been greatly misinformed.
Both the GPU and the CPU ought to stay below 70C for a healthy "rig".

It is obviously the temps of the rig that are causing it to shutdown. Either they forgot to put thermal paste where ever it was required in the rig or then the vents to suck in air happen to be blocked or the fans have burnt out.
Get it checked immediately.

a b D Laptop
July 21, 2012 11:40:38 AM

Do you need a gaming laptop?? In the 30 days that you had the unit did you use it as a laptop or as a desktop?? I say this because if you used it more like a desktop..did not move it or take it with you to school. your better off returning the unit and getting a desktop. desktops are made to take the heat of running games for hours and hours. most laptops to run games you need a cooling pad. I seen as a tech a lot of laptops with lower case discolored or warped from heat..most of these were latops that were used 8 or 9 hours a day on top of a desktop.
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July 21, 2012 11:51:43 AM

it's been 1,5 months :( 
and it's not a heat issue...
a b D Laptop
July 21, 2012 1:01:06 PM

What makes you so sure it's not a heat issue?
You just gave us the temps when it shuts down right?

"Core 1: 89 C
Core 2: 86 C
Core 3: 83 C
Core 4: 88 C
Load 100.0%
GPU: 88 C

Its safe limits are 105 C for CPU and 120 C for Graphics Card (GPU)"

Had those temps been in Fahrenheit, I would have very much agreed :)  but they're not as you have posted them in C....

You can always change them if you like and let us know who told you 120C was fine for the GPU and 105 was fine for the CPU....Please...
July 21, 2012 1:16:00 PM

Actually he might be right... tjunction for that CPU is 105c

It all depends on what temps he's reading tcase or tjunction.

Also, ASUS might of modified the BIOS to shutdown at a lower value then the max intel specifies for the CPU
July 21, 2012 1:22:21 PM

And your point being? if he's posting tjunction temps, he hasnt tripped the thermal shutdown.

If he's posting tCase, he most probably IS tripping thermal shutdown.

All depends on the software he's using to report temps..
July 21, 2012 1:35:17 PM

alyoshka said:
You guys need to read about Intel terminology......
Try this thread first...

His thermal throttling is what is causing the rig to shutdown......
But he still feels it's not the cause.

First of all thank you for your answer.
So you're telling that heat is the issue? I read on internet about safe temperatures as 105C for CPU and 120C for GPU.
If this is the cause, is it CPU or GPU? what do you think?
Why does intel gives 105C t-junction value?

and @lafontma

I used, realtemp for CPU heat and MSI Afterburn for GPU heat, as far as I know realtemp gives Tjunction value. And its max is 105C for my CPU

and how am I going to change these BIOS values, i do not see any option in BIOS...
a b D Laptop
July 21, 2012 4:36:58 PM

Yup, I'm saying it's a heat issue. Yes, they do say something of that sort online and yes, they also say you can touch 8GHz at -200C... but... logic tells us better.
It's 'cos of both of them heating up. Since it's a laptop, and you're not getting any BSOD before the shutdown it is safe to assume that it's the CPU that is thermal throttling itself down.

Intel and the market as a matter of fact seem to fancy terminology that really actually does only one thing, fool the customer, although we will have a lot of pages of scientific justification from a lot of people around the net and here, but it really does happen to be scam basically. Just to be a little different.... and seem more "Intel"ligent.....
September 3, 2012 3:02:30 PM

did any one find a solution to this problem and is there any one with k55vm using it without this issue??

I was planning to buy this laptop but this thread has made me to think twice. :??:  :??: 
Any one with authentic solution/Did this problem reoccur in DOA replace machines??

1.did u try installing the ASUS power4gear utility and choose high performance option.
2.try installing intel4000 driver first then the nvidia driver see if the optimus switching is enabled.
3.check the bios for any setting to shutdown the system at low temp than the safelimit.
January 19, 2013 3:30:05 PM

alyoshka said:
What makes you so sure it's not a heat issue?
You just gave us the temps when it shuts down right?

"Core 1: 89 C
Core 2: 86 C
Core 3: 83 C
Core 4: 88 C
Load 100.0%
GPU: 88 C

Its safe limits are 105 C for CPU and 120 C for Graphics Card (GPU)"

Had those temps been in Fahrenheit, I would have very much agreed :)  but they're not as you have posted them in C....

You can always change them if you like and let us know who told you 120C was fine for the GPU and 105 was fine for the CPU....Please...

Hi there
this is mohammad
I also have asus k 55 vm and had the shut down problem like u
I found the solution to reduce the temp. just go to power option and then clik on change plan setting of Balanced- click change advanced power setting- click porocessor power management in the menu- click maximum processor state and reduce 100% to 90% for both on battery and plugged in (in fact it reduces the turbo boost and cpu tempt). do all this operation for power server setting . I did that and I got good results.
June 9, 2013 6:14:57 AM

Hi Eyke I am experiencing the same issue as you are!
If you already have the problem solved please do share the solution with us!

I bought an Asus K55VM SX086D a fortnight ago and I didn't get to use it for around 12 days.

After installing the OS (Win8 Pro 64bit) and installing all the drivers I installed Farcry 3 and Bioshock 2.

To my horror all that negative review about heat production was true for me too. I think its a defective manufacture. A few models cannot dissipate the heat properly maybe due to improper alignment of the cooling architecture.

Now the problem is it overheats while playing games such as FarCry 3(at Customized setting in which it runs smoothly giving around 40-50FPS) and shuts down after a few minutes of gaming (around 8-10 minutes).

At first I thought this is a nvidia driver issue I rechecked the driver version and it's the latest. I re-installed all the necessary drivers for CPU and other system utilities.

To track the heat generation I used GPU-Z logs and found out that after an
unexpected shutdown the GPU temperature were around 85-90C which I know is not the throttle temperature and it's quite a normal range of thermal activity under high load for a GPU.

I tested the CPU heat generation and saw that around 1-2 minute in the game the CPU temperature was around 90C !!! Now the Thermal Junction is set around 105C so I pushed it and let it go on. The Laptop shut down immediately afterwards a few moment in the game.

Next I tried to under-clock the CPU by setting the CPU Maximum Performance under the windows power management (under external power source) to 99% so that it doesn't switch on its turbo-boost and overclocks. But even then it overheated and shut down after half an hour of playing FarCry 3.

I am gonna file a complaint soon as the laptop isn't supposed to heat up this much. Even on idle state and light internet browsing the Palm Rest gets hot!

I have tried the Under clocking feature as mentioned by Mohammad but I think its only a temporary solution and you wont be reaping the benefits of the Turbo Boost feature!

Get it analyzed and replaced or repaired.
June 9, 2013 8:35:19 AM

Hello all, I'm the OP of this thread -

I've been getting a lot of private messages asking me what I did with my laptop and if I have any solution. So I'm going to share it here but I can assure you that you're not going to like the answer.

I bought it in Chennai and there's an ASUS service center in Chennai where you can get your defective ASUS product replaced if there's a defect found in the unit wthin 7 days of purchase. I realized that this option existed on the 8th day from purchase but my retailer was ok with giving me another receipt with a changed date. So I got my unit replaced and got a brand new sealed box with the new laptop.

I hated the idea that this one could be the same and I didn't want to take the risk. I basically went store to store asking if they would buy this laptop from me. It was pathetic. Finally I sold it on ebay for like Rs.3000 lesser. I haven't received any complaint from the buyer about it but that's what I did.

I came to US a week later and bought the Lenovo Y580. I'm typing this answer on it right now and there hasn't been a better decision I have made in my life than buying this laptop. I love it so much! There hasn't been one game that I can't play on this laptop and it doesn't overheat at all. So for people looking forward to buying the ASUS I would strongly suggest to look elsewhere. The Y580 is an excellent product and it cost me around the same price as the ASUS. Also the graphic card in the ASUS is just a renamed version of an old graphics card. The guy at the service center told me that. On the other hand the Y580 has the latest mobile graphic card or at least it was when I bought it. There's also the backlit keyboard, true 1080p HD screen, 7200 rpm HDD and all other perks.

I told you you wouldn't like my answer. I'm truly sorry that you're stuck with a shitty laptop that deserves a product recall from ASUS.

June 9, 2013 11:16:16 AM

Thanks ragavpayne for your input about the situation. It seems if I don't get a proper working model replaced to me I have to do the same as you :p 
June 9, 2013 11:20:52 AM

You're welcome MasteRivu. To those of you who have this problem and are pulling your hair out, I would suggest visiting the nearest ASUS center and talking to them. The service center in Chennai that I went to was quite nice. The people there were friendly and polite and they knew their stuff. They were quite surprised to see it overheat that much. They didn't deny the problem or anything. They did acknowledge it. I'm guessing if enough complaints are filed and they receive it at their head office in Mumbai they will at least give you a replacement if not sanction a product recall. A product recall is the most ideal solution to this problem but I don't know if they would do it. At the least they will at least try to solve the problem in your existing unit, so give it a try.

December 24, 2013 8:23:26 PM

Here's the solution.

Install Windows 8 64 bit.
goto and download Win8 64bit compatible Nvidia driver from there.

You're done !!!

The idea here is that you need to install the driver as provided by asus on their website, don't install the Nvidia driver as provided in driver installation CD/DVD.

I tried it with Win8 64 bit, don't know if the solution also works with Win7. You can definitely give it a shot. If it works even with Win7, pls post it here.

Note: There is a updated version of Nvidia driver available on Nvidia website and in Windows update. I recommend not download or install from either of them as you'll land up facing the same shut down issue again.