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Hey guys,

Basically, I am in need of a new computer and I can't make a decision whether to get a desktop or a laptop. I don't travel much but still it'd be nice to lie down in bed with a laptop or take it to the patio or to the occasional vacations. I will use the computer mainly for Guild Wars 2, Diablo 3, Torchlight 2 and whatever enticing ARPGs come out in the next few years; and work (some Photoshop and other non-intensive tasks). I am debating between:

i7-3610 QM
GTX 660M
15.6 inch 1080p screen


Radeon HD 7850
24 inch 1080p monitor

Price is about the same. I guess my question is is that desktop going to be noticeably better at the tasks I listed than the laptop so it's worth it to sacrifice mobility.

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  1. as convienient as you think a laptop might be, one with those graphics will suck a battery dry in short order, but with the I7 u can turn off the 660 and use the igp,
    the gtx 640 ought to easily handle the games you mentioned
  2. Well Guild Wars 2 probably needs the GTX 660M for it to be run around high.
    Your battery life won't be above 3 hours unless you do with with something more like the 640M, but that may not be a big deal to you.
    Also note that laptops with the GTX 660M are all heavy and thick so they are not physically very portable anyway.

    In terms of performance, 3dmark scores is the only way I can figure out how to compare a desktop card to a laptop card.
    GTX 660M: 2330
    HD 7850: 5780

    Basically graphics card wise, the desktop lets you play maxed on everything you listed including future games for a while. The Laptop lets you play on high for everything now, but some of the more intensive games may need high-medium settings. If this is assuming both are 1080p screens of course.

    Also, how the hell are they the same price when the desktop has a second generation i3?! Where are you looking at these prices. That card with that processor makes no sense to me in anyway at all.

    Frankly, my performance comparison makes no sense if the desktop really has an i3 because thats a low-mid end processor for a much higher end card.
  3. Thanks for the input!

    Well, the price becomes the same when you add the monitor and keyboard. Otherwise the desktop is way cheaper - because of the low end processor, as you noted. But shouldn't the i3 be enough for current games?

    Anyway, if you think the 660m will be able to run current games on high on 1080p then I will probably go for the laptop because of the added mobility and because I don't need it to be THAT portable - mainly to take it to bed for movie watching/browsing when I am done gaming.
  4. on 1080p no well no 60fps maybe 30 at most desktop for games laptop for convenience so which one preformance or convenience
  5. It is true for value a desktop would be more affordable. However for comfort in your own bed it wouldn’t be such a bad idea buying a laptop.

    The battery lead is long enough so you could still have it connected to a power point. Also some advice is to have a board or dinner tray with legs to rest the laptop on as to not block any vents from the blanket.

    Another idea is having a tv in your room which you can use to connect your pc and/or laptop to and using Bluetooth wireless keyboard/mouse.

    Laptops today are quite powerful, albeit potentially not as powerful as a desktop but it all comes down to personal preference and how much you’re willing to spend.
  6. I am pretty confident you can get at least an i5 for that price for the desktop!

    Uhh make sure that the 660M is really enough. Look here:
    Some of the more intensive games it cannot run on high and aparently even medium! It just matters on what you are planning to play!
  7. photoshop on a laptop?

    you better be careful to ensure the screen is accurate.
    color rendition varies drastically on a laptop.
  8. i also liked the idea of a laptop being portable but gaming on a laptop doesnt come near a dektop, basically what i did is bought a cheap laptop for web browsing and spend 1500 dlls on a desktop with no monitor, just connected it to my HDTV and VOILA super gaming on my 42 inch tv and still have a computer to use anywhere
  9. That is a nice laptop and if you are ok with lowering detail over time, it will be perfect. I have a laptop with a GT 555M graphics card hooked up to a 1080p monitor and it can play Diablo 3 maxed out. I'm sure the GTX 660M is quite a bit more powerful.
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