Can't burn CDs after SP1!!!

I just recently updated my version of XP Pro with service pack 1 because I wanted the USB 2.0 support for my motherboard. Everything went fine witht the installation except (and I hadn't noticed this until 3 days after the update, in case it's too late to remove it) whenever I try to burn a CD, I CAN'T!
I tried to make a copy of a cd for a friend and it told me it was copywrited (which doesn't make sense cause i've made a copy of it before and the CD itself is from 1987. Then the write buffers flush and the CD ejects and I'm left with a ruined CD. I also tried to backup some photos onto a CD and it told me that it could not complete the writing, then ejected the now ruined CD. I've tried Nero, CloneCD, and the Windows burning software and I've got nada.
Am I paranoid or did SP1 just completely screw over my CD burner?

PS: The burner itself is a Lite-On, the actual model name eludes me because I bought it OEM.
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  1. Don't know what to say. Microsoft hasn't sliped in any secret CDRW killing digital right management into the service pack. I use the same programs and they work fine under SP1.

    Only think I can think of is that when I upgraded to SP1, I did a clean install. So all my programs got installed after SP1 rather than before.

    This is what I would try.

    1) Update all your buring software.

    2) If that doesn't work unintall them then reinstall them.

    3) If that doesn't work format your hard drive and do a clean install. Make sure you fully update Windows Xp before installing any other software.

    4) If that doesn't work I would suggest that perhapse your burner has gone bad.
  2. I have a similar burner now refuses to do 'on the fly' copies, always stopping at 6% and leaving me with a ruined cd.i didn't use it for a while after i got sp1 so i hadn't thought that it could be connected.i have an aopen CRW4048.i tried reinstalling nero etc and even upgraded the firmware on the CDRW but to no avail.if you find any way to solve the problem please let me know :smile: .

    no matter how hard you try, you can't polish a turd. :]
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