Netbook Keyboard Key "Stuck" but not stuck? (Gateway LT2005u Netbook)

Hi everybody,

I'm wondering if you guys can provide any help on my issue (I've already Googled for hours today:

I own a Gateway LT2005u netbook. Today my sister said that the "s" key wasn't working and it had to be pressed and held down harder than usual for it to work. I tried to fix it.

The first thing I did was remove the key and check if there was any dirt, etc. Nothing was causing the problem. I rebooted the computer just in case. No gas still.

After trying a lot of things I removed the s key again and then removed the brace & little rubber nub (to touch the key conductor thing) on the keyboard itself under the key. Under the brace there's a little clear plastic covering that has maybe semiconductor under it to register keystrokes. Pressing it itself (very lightly with a toothpick) allowed the s key to work but now that doesn't even work anymore. Yet before when it did work, when I replaced the key the s key didn't work.

I did something kind of careless -- I used a toothpick and slightly moved it under the plastic membrane and it touched the "semiconductor" at which point the s key did work -- reacting on Windows 7 as if the key was held down. I lifted the plastic membrane a little to make sure that the membrane wasn't just stuck down on the conductor. Replacing the key, the s key did work but it still needed to be pressed down hard -- and even after the fact, the s key produced an s but then acted as if it was held down registering a bunch of s's. However it would be interrupted with a keypress or a highlight + cut, etc.

Oh yeah and now it's not working anymore. Help please?!

* When I say hard I never pressed down on anything HARD Hard just harder than normal.

EDIT: NOW I'm noticing that my "t, a, and maybe o" keys are possibly starting to fail but please don't let this really change your reply! The keys are very randomly not registering, nothing serious. HOWEVER the "a" key won't work with the right shift button pressed, but works with the left one pressed? :heink:
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  1. Bump, can anyone help?

    I'm using a usb keyboard atm to get everything done!
  2. Okay well I re-superglued the rubber nub under the keycap since I found out that it was broken to the keyboard and also added a small piece of electric tape to the bottom of the keycap to fix it.

    It's by no means a professional job but the key works like new, despite having a small "padded" feel to it.

    Well thank for the space TH!

    Mods can close this thread now!
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