Laptop hard drive, faulty?

Hi, my friends laptop hard drive got corrupted. he has a dell inspiron M5030, i offered to fix it so i removed the hdd and put it in my pc and formatted it and reinstalled windows for him. When i booted up from the hdd it worked fine but was very very slow, took about 5 minutes to load desktop. when i put it back in his laptop, it got to the windows loading screen and the laptop reset.

has putting the hdd in my pc made it worse? do i need a new hdd or is the laptop faulty?

thanks in advance
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  1. when you installed installed the drivers needed for your desktop. now in the laptop the drivers are not the same so it has to reload...them or you have to boot into safe mode...remove the older drivers and reboot.
  2. Never thought about that, i will try that thanks
  3. If you install windows on a HDD on one PC it most certainly won't boot when you move it to the other PC. This is because the drivers that windows needs in order to run are completely different for your PC and your friend's laptop. If you'd have installed it from his laptop then put it in your PC it wouldn't boot either.

    You can check if the HDD is actually faulty by doing the following:

    Install the laptop HDD inside your PC as a secondary drive, boot into windows from your main drive, now download and install HDtune and check the S.M.A.R.T. tab to see if it checks good, then run a full error scan and see if it finds any bad sectors.
  4. Your right, its the drivers, so i re-formatted the drive and tried installing windows on the laptop, but need the cd/dvd driver and i cant find them anywhere, only found 3 on the dell site but they dont work, can you tell me any links were i can download drivers for it?
  5. I'd highly suggest you run some some integrity checks on that drive to make sure it won't fail later. HDD's don't get corrupted just because.

    As to drivers make sure you're getting the right OS type from the dell site.
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