Gran Trak 10 atari 1974

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Have one I partially restored in my basement. terribly bored with it
and was wondering if there are any collectors out there interested in
making a cash/trade offer? I am located in PGH PA.

I am currently just trying to judge the value and desire of this game.
I know they are hard to come by in one piece, and even harder to come
by working. Mine is both. I'll try and get some pics up soon, but for
now, any comments other then the obvious "boring game" stuff?

SIDEART: Complete with a few minor scratches, etc.. looks nicer then
the only other pic I found of one on the internet

FRONT: Refinished.

COIN DOOR: Not origonal but a refinished 70's style (asteroids?)

CONTROL PANEL: 8 out of 10 - all the print is there and I believe it's
the origonal shifter (no atari print on the top) The start switch was
actually dremeled open and rebuilt with a new flashing LED and then
reassembled with screws for future service. Steering wheel has very
minor sighns of spot surface pits, the panel finish is origonal
"brushed" mill and the steering optos as well as the shifter work fine.

BEZEL: 8 out of 10 - very light swirl and evidence of what was once a
cigarette burn that someone buffed out. No staining. origonal score
card no flaking on the print of the bezel (which is also the marquee)

CABINET: Very solid! the bottom has seen it's share of moving around.
One side was PROPERLY retensioned (no ugly screws on the outside of the
cabinet) The wood is not brittle. New back door with all new locks.

CRT: origonal with some burn in. Cap kit installed. Works fine but
always planned on a flyback replacement. It is 31 years old =)

PCB: Completly serviced, LOTS of new parts. it's all there, it all

POWER SUPPLY: All origonal, all working

SPEAKER: Origonal and working.

HARNESS: Origonal and working. No hack jobs.

PLUG: Could use a new power chord. Was going to get around to it. It's
a 3 dollar part where I get them.

BRAKE/GAS: Origonal and working.

Let me know if I left anything out other then the pics. The game is
under plastic right now in my cool/dark/dry basement. I am out of town
at this very instant. I will get pics soon if there is any interest.
Thanks for looking.

- Matt

PS. I actually have the "trak 10" rom as well that swaps out directly
with the origonal one providing a different track. For a few bucks I
could make a fingerboard with both roms and a remote switch to swap
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    I'm not sure because I've never played sprint. It has an on board
    adjustable tone sound generator scheme for brake (screech) and RPM
    (gas) and the sound is definatly unique (as opposed to a sound
    sampled/ROM setup) Perhaps the same as sprint.

    - Matt
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    how does it compare to spint II?
    i love the engine sounds in sprint II---would love to get one someday.
    is gran trak 10 the same when it comes to audio?
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