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I am planning to buy a new laptop since my Acer is gonna give up pretty soon. I was looking at 2 Toshiba Satellite L850 and im not quite sure what to choose. These are two L850 im looking at a can you help me pick which is better for me?

1. Toshiba L850/03d Price: $1099 NZ
Up to 3.1GHz PC Processor Speed
Intel Dual Core i5-2450M
15.6" Display
Windows 7 Home Premium

2. Toshiba L850 /0C9 Price:$1299 NZ
Up to 3.3GHz Gen 3 Intel Core i7-3610QM Processor
15.6" Display
7670m 2GB Dedicated Graphics

The only real difference is the processor with the 1st one using an i5 and the latter the new Ivy Bridge Processor.
Im gonna be using the laptop for gaming like D3, Assassins Creed, Starcraft 2 etc. Is the new i7 Ivy worth the additional $200?

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  1. The 2450m is a dual core in line with most desktop I3s, the 3610qm is a quad core, a true I7. I would get the second one; the 7670m isn't terrific but it will play a few games.
  2. I would get the second one as well.
  3. ohh i see. so the $200NZ difference is worth it?
  4. tumacthere said:
    ohh i see. so the $200NZ difference is worth it?

  5. The 7670m is a big step up from the Intel HD graphics, so for gaming the 2nd one would definitely be better.
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