Are these good/different?

Hey, first time posting. I'm currently in the market for a new laptop, and this one caught my eye: [...] 6834215371

It seemed like a great bargain, and the best I've found. When I googled it to see if it was the best price I found some odd results. I found the laptop I had looked at, but then I found what looks like the exact same computer i a different color for $100 more! Can someone tell me if theres any difference between the two: [...] 6834215371 [...] 6834215257

Also, any opinions on whether this is a good PC or not would be much appreciated. I mainly want it for gaming, but because I might be going to college in the near future, I'm not sure a desktop would be the best idea. If theres a better laptop for under $500, Id also be interested in it.

Thanks in advance

PS: sorry I'm posting twice, I wasn't sure where this should go
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  1. Your links are broken, can you re-post them?
  2. spec wise, they are basically identical, one probably was made at a later date therefor a possibility of better material, but at a 100$ premium, the cheaper one is much more preferred(as at the 500$ mark, its possible to get a dedicated card either way)
  3. well I don't see a difference other than color.
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