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Maybe it's out of my laziness or maybe I'm just not clever enough to walk this planet but could someone please explain to me what the advantages and disadvantages are of the Service Packs which Microsoft is providing for XP?

I have read many posts which state particular problmes, however what I am after is a generalisation of the problems with these pack, especially as I miss most of the hardware which the problems relate to.

Thank you very Much.

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  1. A lot of them are security fixes. People discover flaws in the secruity and go looking for unpatched system to exploit.

    Some of them are just fix a minor problem.

    Advantage. It makes your computer less vulnerable to hackers and 95% of the time makes it run better.

    Disadvantage. Occasionally fixing a secrutiy hole or a bug can break programs that uses the feature being changed.
  2. I never had any trouble installing all these updates and it was just a matter of satisfaction of having the latest of everything. I even used to run the catchup in cnet.com to update every stupid thing running on my computer. But I came across many people who have their computers screwed up doing this. So, go for it only if u absolutely need it or if u don't mind troubles with computers
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    SP should be installed just after installing "fresh" OS.
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