9700Pro causing computer to not start up

I bought a All-in-Wonder ATI 9700 Pro card a couple of weeks ago. When I installed it and turned on the computer, the computer didn't turn on. ATI sent me a replacement and I got it today. Installed it, and same thing happened - computer didn't start up. I unplugged the power cord to the card and the computer started up - as soon as it did, I plugged the power adapter back into the card again, and the card works perfectly!!!! What is going on??????

Athlon XP 2700+
Epox nVidia nForce2 400
425 watt power supply
2 - SATA RAID WD 160G hard drives (only using 180G)
CD and DVD drives
AIW ATI 9700Pro graphics card

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  1. try using the same power as the harddrive, the manual says to do this for some strange reason

    2.6C @ 3.25G (Zalman 7000AU-ALCU HSF)
    ABIT IC7-Max3
    2x Kingmax SuperRam 512 DDR433
    GeXcube 9800pro @ 450/750
    80G Seagate S-ATA150
    Antec Super Lanboy w/ 350 Smart Blue PSU
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