In my laptop the key 0-9 & p is not working

how to repaire number key on my notebook and
in my laptop the key 0-9 & p is not working
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  1. Im gonna take a wild guess and say you wpilled something on it.
    If so get another keyboard fitted at a repair shop.

    If not try reseating the keyboard and if that does not work, again, replace it.
  2. Is your laptop still under warranty and does your warranty cover accidental damage. If your laptop is still under warranty I suggest you call the manufacturer and have the unit sent in for repair.

    If your laptop is out of warranty you can look at you tube to see if anyone has made a video on how to remove and replace the keyboard.

    What's the model of your laptop and how long have you had it for?
  3. since the number keys and the p button are near the top of the keyboard, something inside is either blocking it or broken. the good thing is, replacing a laptop keyboard is doable as keyboards can be detached. the worst thing that can happen is a required payment for a new replacement laptop keyboard.
  4. You need a new keyboard. The keys are connected by a matrix of wires and if one of them is damaged, every key on that row will be affected. The only other thing may be that the connector is loose.
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