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My Acer AO 725 keyboard keeps auto-highlighting text entered and moving the cursor (and text) randomly. I can't seem to tell what keys or combination of keys is causing this. (The laptop is brand new and has been doing this since I got it.)
Thanks for any help!
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    its probably the palm of your hand brushing against the touchpad while your typing.
  2. That would be my guess as well, I absolutely hate the fact that laptop palm pads have click functionality in place by default. I use a mouse on my laptop and when I am typing if my palm hits the stupid palm pad it ends up clicking somewhere randomly and completely messes me up. I know when I had the default Dell programs installed I went into the click pad settings or something like that and was able to disable it, but I had to reinstall windows and did not install all the dell bloatware and no longer had the option to disable the click functionality, fortunately I do not have to use that laptop much anymore!
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  4. I have the exact issue with the same exact notebook. I'm not brushing against the pad with my palm. I'm certain there is something wrong with the computer and will be returning it today for another one at Target.
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