What should I check for on my used laptop?

Hi guys.

I recently bought a used HP dv6-6135dx on eBay, and I just wanted to ask if there is anything in particular I should check on my laptop before the 45 day PayPal return period expires.

When I first turned on the laptop, it booted into the "windows" admin account. Is this supposed to happen? The seller told me she restored the computer to factory defaults.

Second, when I try to change my user picture, it doesn't work. However, if I click "browser for more pictures", then I am able to change it. Is this a bad sign/sign of a problem? Or just something I am doing wrong, perhaps?

Thanks for the help.
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  1. if it is windows XP the default account will have admin right. one thing i would check for is if all the keys and ports work
  2. If you have doubts then buy a windows cd for whatever OS you have. reformat the computer. All this you said up there YES, they are suppose to happen.
  3. I'll ask this then - why can't I change my user picture to the Microsoft ones? I can click repeatedly, but nothing happens.
  4. click on the picture and make sure you click ok
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