Want to know the best graphics card to lok for in a laptop-i like amd-but which

want to know what graphics card to lok for in a laptop-and maybe what brand laptop
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  1. What are you planning to do with the laptop?
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  3. what gpu you are looking for is heavily based on your budget and what settings you will play in the game. for instance, the best laptop gpu you can get right now is a 680m followed by a 7970m which is approximately a bit stronger than a normal gtx 570 which is like the card to comfortably play games in 1920x1080, but that is on a high budget. what kind of budget are we looking at here.
  4. In the high-end of single GPU setups, look for a 7970m or GTX680m.

    That's honestly all I can tell you without you specifying more about the laptop.
  5. if battery life and price is a problem, the 7970m is better, if you just want the best of the best, the GTX680M is the best
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