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i have a G07 with a weak tube (already rejuvinated it)and a WG 4600
with a ok tube, and a hanatarex with a great tube color.

im going to swap the hantarex tube in to the WG 4600 chassis.
And i know i need to replace it with the 4600 yoke.

My question is my G07 has 8 pins, and my 4600 and hanatrex has 9 pins.

but everything i have been reading has said either 8 or 10 pins.

why does the hanterex and 4600 have 9 pins what am i missing.

and does that 9th pin do anything.

also is it a mistake to swap the 4600 and hantarex tubes.

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    Go to the B & K site down load the PDF on tubes and socket adapters for
    there rejuvinator. Towards the end of the pdf there is a section for
    there universal adapter. First Look up your tubes and see what
    adapters they require. then go to the Universal page and they will have
    a pin out of each pin on the back of the tube. The keyway is number One
    and you read the pins in a clockwise direction from the back of the
    tube. Are you going to leave the origanal yoke on the replacement tube?
    If so you need to make sure that the ohms are the same as the bad tube.

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    how do you check the ohms on the yoke?
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    You use your Digital multi meter (DMM). Put the switch in ohms the
    greek symbol and measure the vertical and horizontal coils off the
    yoke. You will have high Impedance(ohms)
    and low impedence coils.

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    i did test with my DMM and the
    new tube
    Hort Ohms = 1.8
    Vert Ohms = 13.2

    old tube
    Hort Ohms = 2.7
    Vert Ohms = 8.0

    i get a picture but one i cannot make out very well, so im guessing i
    have to swap the yokes.
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